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Would you like a Brighter and Whiter smile ??


Here at Argyll Aesthetics in our HIS registered, state of the art clinic. We are proud to offer professional teeth whitening provided by Dr. Melanie Gray B.D.S.

Over time, teeth can become stained and discoloured with food and beverages, tobacco products and the natural ageing process.

When teeth whitening is performed under professional care, you get better, longer-lasting results without risk like irritated gums and bone loss.

After a careful examination, moulds are taken of your teeth and custom fit bleaching trays are constructed at a dental laboratory. Our team will show you how to use the kit so you can safely whiten in the comfort of your own home.

Complimentary examination carried out prior to all whitening. Over 18's only. Dentures, crowns, fillings and veneers will not whiten.


Teeth Whitening

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