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Sunekos is a class 111 medical device and is an injectable treatment promoting the natural regeneration of the dermal tissue (dermal biogenesis) this is through the regeneration of the extra cellular matrix (ECM). It is a unique formula of six specific  essential amino acids and hyaluronic acid, all of which are required for your skin to help tackle the effects the ageing process. The production of new collagen and elastin , the most vital structural proteins for the regeneration process in the skin

Sunekos is extremely versatile and can treat many areas around  the face plumping fine lines/wrinkles & crepe loose skin, reducing dark circles/bags under eyes, neck, decolletage  hands. It is essentially a moisturising, regenerative treatment for the ageing face neck and hands. Recommended four treatments 10 days apart, then maintenance treatment 6 monthly. 

One Treatment      £220 
Course of four       £650 


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